Book your stay midweek in January and get a FREE $50 Gift Card!

(Thank you for checking in on this page. We apologize, but the offer is over for this year. BUT we may be revamping it for next January — which will be here before we know it — so please check back. And thank you for your interest in — and support for — Ventura in every season!)

Yes – with all due respect to dad – there is such a thing as a free lunch. Or dinner. We’ll keep it simple so too many facts don’t get in the way. During the month of January, visitors who book a two-day midweek stay at a Ventura hotel will get a free $50 gift certificate to use at one of Ventura’s charming, locally-owned restaurants.

Bartender at Cafe Fiore

The reasoning is simple. We want to help our local businesses, and Ventura hotels, during January – and we want to gift you a 2022 that begins with a lifetime memories start. Now that all the gift-giving is past, here’s your chance to gift yourself to Ventura’s offerings in, well, January quiet.

Have adventures (note plural) on (and around) any of the five islands that comprise Channel Islands National Park. Have a goose-pimpling gander at some of the largest creatures to ever roam this Earth (from roughly mid-December through mid-April, Pacific Gray Whales migrate through Ventura’s waters, swimming down from Alaska on their way to Baja California, Mexico). Have a soul-healing hike or bike in Harmon Canyon, where you can do the things that matter – like watch shadows creep down the hillsides. Have a tastebud-enervating real deal taco, well anywhere. Have a spectacular sunset, and a quiet thought or two, all to yourself.

Simple, not-so-simple pleasures beside the sea.

Salt is good for the soul.

A few details, yes, but we have to have them (please see below).

What you really need to remember is the operative word.


Thank you for coming to Ventura and discovering all the fun, beauty, and adventure Ventura has to offer.

And that there is, indeed, a free lunch.

Yep, there’s some minor fine print

•Reservations must be made on or after January 1st, 2022.

•Reservations have to be January dates only. Reservations must span at least two midweek days; Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights (P.S. The best rates are midweek, so it’s a win-win). Reservations must be made at Ventura hotel.

•Once you’ve made your reservation please email your reservation to ‘‘ with the subject line, “Yes Ventura, there is a free lunch.” You’ll receive a confirmation within 48 hours confirming that you’re good to go.

•Come into the Ventura Visitor Center at 101 South California Street (conveniently located within walking distance of most of the gift card restaurants) to pick up your gift card.

•The Visitor Center is open Monday through Friday, 10 am to 4 pm, Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday, 10 am to 4 pm)

•There will be a variety of restaurant Gift Cards to choose from – all local favorites, but you can pick your favorite. (Depending on supply)

•The $50 gift certificate is available while supplies last. And sorry, but there is no cash back.