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Fall-Themed Drinks to Try in Ventura

Sep 23, 2022 / Visit Ventura

The first day of fall has officially hit us. Know what that means? Crisp morning air, cozy sweaters, and breathtaking Ventura sunsets. The best way to get into the season is to grab a fall-themed drink around town. Here are some drinks you can get in Ventura to in the mood for fall time.  Palm... MORE

Top ten reasons to go to Surf N’ Suds Ventura

Sep 14, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Surf ‘N Suds, rated one of the country’s best beer festivals (proof below), is coming to Ventura’s San Buenaventura State Beach on Saturday, October 9th (11:30 am to 4:30 pm). Plain and simple it’s the biggest craft beer festival on the Central Coast and the only craft beer festival in Ventura, which in two craft... MORE

Your Channel Islands Crib Notes

Jul 03, 2021 / Visit Ventura

  We said we’d keep it short, so we will. There’s no place in the world like Channel Islands National Park. Five islands. A wondrous world where housecat-size foxes scamper through fields of Seuss-like flowers, and moon and sun shine down on, well, nothing. A world-class outdoor escape, with remote... MORE

What Makes Ventura Special?

Jun 17, 2021 / Visit Ventura

  What makes Ventura special? Pretty much impossible to answer. For one thing, everyone has their own answer(s). For another, well, there are countless answers. This world has its impossible to pinpoint puzzles. The lost colony of Roanoke. Elon Musk’s next move. And Ventura’s charms. But here’s a start… Let’s... MORE

Now Streaming in Ventura, Life

Jun 17, 2021 / Visit Ventura

  Fantasy serves its purpose; astonishing, inspiring, bewitching. Passing the time for a moment. Maybe for a lot more than a moment.But dragons and handmaidens are make-believe. Super-powered beings don’t live in the suburbs. Kevin Costner isn’t a cowboy.And there are more astonishing things. More inspiring things. More bewitching things.... MORE

Ventura Reopens with Joy — and Respect

Jun 15, 2021 / Visit Ventura

By Visit Ventura June 15th, once an innocuous summer day, is now a historical one, with California — and Ventura — opening wide after so many months of pandemic. Yes, there are still a few guidelines. But overall, it feels as good as an innocuous summer day. From the silent... MORE

Fourteen Extraordinary Things About Ventura’s Whales

Jun 11, 2021 / Visit Ventura

Photo provided by Island Packers By Visit Ventura The waters off Ventura — the Santa Barbara Channel and the (protected) Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary — are filled with life, much of it very, very large. What of the whales? Well for one not-so-small thing, there is much we are... MORE

Where Can You Get Unique Father’s Day Gifts? The Ventura Visitors Center

Jun 09, 2021 / Visit Ventura

By Visit Ventura Maybe he built your first bike. Maybe he let you jump off the high dive when Mom wasn’t looking. Maybe he scared your high school dates straight. Maybe it’s time to return those favors. No better place to find what your father deserves than the Ventura Visitors Center. We have the gifts... MORE