Ventura’s Thirsty Thursdays

Staying at home doesn’t mean staying away from fun.

With fun in mind, Visit Ventura is once again teaming with our town’s amazing (and fun-loving) wineries and breweries to offer you “Thirsty Thursdays” on our Facebook channel. Unwise to mistake this strictly for a loutish drinking game. No, here you have a chance to address both your thirst and your education.

It works simply. Each Thursday, a Ventura winery or brewery will step up to the virtual counter to do a live virtual tasting; a few different wines, or a few different beers. On their end, they will explain what you are tasting, and how they came up with the tastes you are tasting. On your end, you will sip and murmur appreciation, and maybe even practice a little retention.

You’ll need to purchase the week’s homework beforehand (please see below for how to purchase from each business). Then perhaps, you might display it prominently somewhere in the home (because anticipation is part of the tasting process).

It’s a chance to have fun and support our local wineries and breweries.

And then, when we all head back out into the world, we’ll all be just a wee bit more refined.

Coming Thursday, August 27th!

Transmission Beer

Thirsty Thursday Mixed PackThis exclusive mixed pack of 16 oz cans was put together for Thirsty Thursdays hosted by Visit Ventura, presented by Transmission Brewing! We will be discussing these beers live on Facebook on Thursday, 8/27. Thom Collins, Clutch, Dyna, Fog Lights



Past Tastings



Four Brix winery

To view the tasting, click here. 

Topa Topa Brewery

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Rincon Brewery Ventura