East End

East End

East Ventura generally refers to all of the city of Ventura located east of Victoria Avenue. While not usually thought of as a tourist destination per se, the eastern half of the City is renowned for its weather. Scarcely a day passes without sunshine! On spring and summer afternoons, a cooling ocean breeze provides natural air conditioning. The pace of life is more rural than urban–visitors enjoy driving by beautiful citrus and avocado groves and agricultural fields!

For outdoor exercise buffs, East Ventura is the ideal location. A new Community Park features a state of the art Waterpark and Aquatic Center, open to the public all year for recreation and instruction, and for championship swim meets. The Center is surrounded by acres of sports fields, a 1.3 mile bike/walk trail, and national meets, and hosts a Thursday afternoon Farmer’s Market. In addition, another sports center called the Huntsinger complex, backs up to the Saticoy Regional golf course and Hobert Park contains a skateboarding bowl.

East end has a family friendly atmosphere, with many spacious homes and several mobile home parks that cater to seniors. Barranca Vista Park is a center for classes in dance, art and drama for children and adults.  Many shopping centers with supermarkets, pharmacies, and specialty shops are conveniently located. Churches of every denomination, a Jewish Temple, and a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple invite worshipers.

The beautifully designed and landscaped Ventura County Government Center should be on the ‘to-visit” list of any sightseer.

And all of this is located just a few miles from the Pacific Ocean. More than one casual visitor has decided to put down roots and stay permanently here in East Ventura!!

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