The Lazy Man’s Road Trip: A Scenic Ride From LA to San Fran

Every once in a while, a woman just has to hit the road. You know, like in a teeny weeny trailer. Except that when the teeny weeny trailer is on the East Coast and the inveterate female traveler is on the West, she’s gotta come up with another plan.

Last month, I boarded a 6:00 a.m. flight to San Francisco, and for four magical days I completely unplugged. I didn’t turn on the radio, I didn’t log-in to Facebook, I didn’t go near a TV, and I didn’t even (gasp!) read the news.

I didn’t even interact with another person, not even my sweet Louis dog. I just gloried in my solitude.

My plan? To drive along the Central Coast of California, a 350-mile stretch that bills itself as the “Original Road Trip.” Life had been pretty darn stressful for the last several weeks. I needed quiet time, and pretty scenery, and good food, and adventure, and even a great glass of wine.

Good food.

Good adventure.

Good sleeps in a bunch of cool places.

That was the “shake it off” plan.

And that was where my JUCY adventure came in.