Spotted in the news: Wildflowers Are Blooming and Seagulls Are Mating on Anacapa Island


There’s some major birds-and-bees action about to happen on Anacapa Island, the closest of the Channel Islands to the mainland.

This is a special time of year for the seagulls, which have begun pairing off for mating season on this island, the largest breeding ground for the Western gull in the Western U.S.

As long as they’re single, the birds go about their preening — since there’s no time for modesty when they’ve got to make a good impression with their plumage. They’re ready to find a mate, make some babies, and take turns incubating the resulting eggs.

Of course, pairing off isn’t always so easy — especially when you’ve got pesky humans ruining the mood. They’re not very used to humans, given the remoteness of this island (and its lack of services). So, when you approach — even slowly, even quietly — one of them is likely to give a holler.