Spotted in the news: The Ultimate California Coast Road Trip Itinerary


Usually not very common on a ‘traditional’ California coast road trip, but I couldn’t leave this destination off the list. In Ventura, be sure to check out Mission San Buenaventura, Olivas Adoble, and Oxnard Beach Part. This vibrant town is the unexpected spot to make your way to Channel Islands National Park, located just off the coast via ferry, plane, or private boat.

Take a break from the crazy urban life and go for a hike on the Channel Islands, literally! The park is comprised of 5 islands and their surrounding mile of ocean, so it’s best to decide beforehand where and what to go/do. Head to Inspiration Point on Anacapa Island for some of the best views of the National Park, and/or you can snorkel/dive/kayak in Landing Cove (Anacapa Island) or at Scorpion Anchorage (Santa Cruz Island). If you’re on Santa Cruz Island, be sure to check out Cavern Point, which provides a spectacular view after a short hike. You can even go whale watching around here! FYI – there is NO transportation available on the islands – you have to either walk, kayak, or cruise around via private boat. Bicycles are not allowed. Plan a day trip here from Ventura to get your nature fix.