Spotted in the News: From Shell To Shuck: Jolly Oyster’s Eco-Friendly Oyster Farm Raises The Standard For Sustainably Sourced Seafood


With a growing consumer interest in locally sourced, sustainably farmed produce and humanely treated, free-range/cage-free proteins, restaurants are increasingly paying closer attention to the provenance and treatment of every ingredient on their menus. From backyard gardens to in-house recycling programs, a number of like-minded chefs and restaurants have become inspired to work towards a great level of sustainability throughout their entire culinary programs.

For partners Mark Venus and Mark Reynolds, co-owners of one of California’s top seafood purveyors, as well as local oyster market and shuck shack, the Jolly Oyster, sustainability is of paramount concern. After having observed how the modern seafood sourcing was entirely destructive to the environment, they sought to work to create a sustainable and healthy alternative.

Yet working with locally sourced seafood was not enough and the duo decided to take full control over their oysters by beginning their own ecofriendly oyster and clam farm from which to harvest from, thereby maintaining control and ensuring the quality of their oysters from the ocean bed all the way to the diner’s plate.