Going YOLO

Stand-up paddleboarding is generally an above-water sport, but for those with bad balance (or bad nerves) things can get wet, quickly. Not so keen on that? Ventura Boat Rentals has you covered. Their adapted SUP boards, called YOLO Yaks, have foot traction pads and molded keels to help your balancing act. So grab a paddle and hit the harbor. Cruise past a mix of squid fishing boats, luxury Duffy boats, and parked yachts as harbor seals pop up above the surface like whack-a-moles. Cormorants soar and swoop as you paddle towards the National Park Service visitor center to the west. The center is your turnaround point. On less choppy days, continue out to the Ventura Keys, a waterfront neighborhood north of the harbor. And be sure to look east to catch one of Ventura’s famous emblems, a couple of lone eucalyptus trees atop a mountain. Nice dry run!more>