Made in Ventura

It is obvious in our marketing efforts that Visit Ventura is very proud of its unique ambigram brandmark and what it represents; You see Ventura for what you love and I see it for what I love, and somehow it all syncs as the Ventura that we share together. We have embraced our brandmark in award-winning campaigns such as A Memorable Welcome for the Tour of California, and Andres Amador’s ‘kidscape art’ on the beach. It has since come to represent the heart of a destination committed to the community.

Made in Ventura was born in the same spirit of hometown pride and is about celebrating the best of Ventura through a shared, identifiable brandmark:


We want business partners with products that are made in Ventura to embrace local pride and send a message of a supportive and engaged business community by using a shared brandmark, backed by the values and ideals of Visit Ventura, that visitors can easily identify to bring a piece of Ventura home.




If you are interested in using this brandmark, the next step is to email Michele to submit a request.