Dabster Arts Inc. is pleased to present INDIGENOUS WISDOM, a new exhibition featuring South American born artists Mariana Peirano and Carlos Grasso at our Ventura location, H Gallery.

Argentinian born Mariana Peirano, has an entirely new body of work telling the stories of inspiring indigenous women currently fighting for the future of the Amazon rainforest as climate and social justice activists.

The Amazon rainforest is in crisis. The forest and its Indigenous inhabitants are at extreme risk, and thus the future of our entire planet. Trough this art exhibit I want to bring awareness of this situation and the importance of respecting the rights of indigenous peoples, for their knowledge, cultures and traditional practices contribute greatly to sustainable and equitable stewardship of Mother Earth.

-Mariana Peirano

A portion of the sales from this series by Mariana will go to the organization, a nonprofit organization founded in 1996 to protect the rainforest and advance the rights of Indigenous peoples in the Amazon Basin.

The artwork displayed by Carlos Grasso features his new series “South American Colors”. An obvious homage to his heritage, Carlos’ brings a large variety of works to the gallery; including Installations, paintings, and optical illusion works all brilliantly celebrating the colors form his homeland of Argentina.

“My visual heritage found its roots in a colorful family environment with an artistic father painter and a renowned seamstress mother (she made dresses for Evita Perón’s family). The visual world I explore and navigate revolves around the basic colors (almost just the primary ones) that seem to be rooted in all Central and South American cultures, from the Amazonian rivers, to the Mexican plains, to the Peruvian heights and the Argentinian northern desert.”

-Carlos Grasso


May 20, 2023 06:00 pm - 08:00 pm





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