first friday Fundraiser for maui

Experience the enchantment of creativity at our First Friday Art Walk event. Step into our gallery and studios, where the veil is lifted, offering a glimpse into the very essence of artistic innovation. Housed within a unique vintage 1930s building, our eclectic collection of artist studios awaits your exploration. This month, our purpose takes on a profound meaning as we come together for a cause close to our hearts — a fundraiser for Maui.

Amidst the vibrant ambiance, Olivia Willhite’s live music will weave a soothing tapestry of melodies, creating an immersive atmosphere. However, our event transcends the realms of art and music; it’s a collective stand alongside the survivors of the Lahaina, Maui wildfires. The event’s proceeds will be a lifeline to these affected families, with a portion of our sales directly contributing to their recovery. Complementing this effort, multiple donation stations will be available, offering you the opportunity to extend your support to these families in need.

Join us for this transformative evening, where our creative haven merges with a philanthropic spirit. As you witness the magic within our studios, know that your presence reverberates with hope. Together, we paint a brighter future, one brushstroke of kindness at a time.


Every 1st Friday 05:00 pm - 08:00 pm


1793 East main Street
Ventura CA, 93001



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