Cruise Highway 1

_MG_2436Designated an All-American-Road, Highway 1 is known for being one of the nations most scenic drives; perfect for the original family road trip. The 550 mile rout is an exhilarating driving experience filled with cliff hugging turns and breath taking sights around every corner as the road winds along the Pacific Coastline for most of California.  The highway was built in 1934, taking 15 years to complete, and has been a top destination for motorists, vacationers, and thrill seekers since. The drive is not only filled with with stunning beauty but is rich in historic land marks and roadside amenities. It stretches from its northern most point in Mendocino County to Dana Point in Orange County, split into three well known sections; the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), Cabrillo Highway, and Shoreline Highway. There are countless surf breaks lining the coast of California including the World renown _MG_2098Rincon Point which Highway 1 conveniently provides access to. Ventura lies on the 101 portion of the Pacific Coast Highway and is home to the locally renown C-Street and Emma Wood surf breaks. The relaxed yet upbeat town is the perfect place to take a break from the road and enjoy a lunch from Social Tap or experience the coastal lifestyle hands on, Ventura-style at  Iron & Resin.

Photos by Scott Toepfer_MG_2222