The Ultimate Escape Rooms

We have exhilarating escape rooms at the Ventura Harbor. Our rooms are like your favorite movies or video games come to life, with a great variety of environments, puzzles, and stories. They’re filled with gadgets and puzzles your team will have to master to escape. It’s like stepping into a storybook world where you are the heroes of the story!
Choose from: “The Attic”, a creepy family mystery; “We Are All Mad Here”, a tea party in a dreamy nonsensical world; “Mermaid’s Curse”, an underwater adventure full of mermaids and pirates; or “The Wizard’s Lair”, where you must escape a magical trap using potions and spells! Can U Escape?

Address 1591 Spinnaker Drive Suite 117C and 485 Alisal Road Ventura and, Solvang, CA 93001, USA
Solvang, CA 93001


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