The Blue Cube Gallery

The Blue Cube is an alternative art space with a specific niche: We seek to introduce challenging, engaging, thought-provoking, and boundary-pushing contemporary art with a strong emphasis on the works of students and emerging artists. Priority is given to installation and conceptual based practices. Our aim is to support artists by providing them with a professional space, ambitious programming, and the opportunity to participate in the curatorial process.

The Blue Cube is a refuge from the “industrial art gallery complex” and supports artists who wish to engage in something other than “convention” and “mainstream.” We want students to confidently take risks in an art world that typically only acknowledges dollar-value success.

With a respect and heightened curiosity for the creative process, that “in the zone” place of non-self conscious expression, we pledge to be different, to offer experience over commerce, and to provide a place of freedom for artists to create and share their work with a thriving and supportive arts community.

Openings are on the third Thursday of the month. Additional viewing will take place during Ventura’s First Friday art events and annual Art Walk.

Address 86 S. Laurel St.
Ventura, CA 93001


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