Copperfield’s Gifts & Rarities

Copperfield’s is a locally owned business in Ventura, California that offers visitors a curated retail experience rich in discovery. Our collection includes antiques and vintage items ranging from the curious to the collectible, as well as new items, such as quality gifts, boutique personal care products, and elegant stationery.

Copperfield’s is located in Downtown Ventura and sells its wares in one of Ventura’s oldest blocks of buildings. The shop takes its name from the novel David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, some of whose spirit is caught in the whimsical variety of offerings on display and the Old-World appreciation of the antique, the curious, and the finely-crafted. The old red-brick walls and timeworn wood floors of the store enhance an atmosphere that invites the shopper to discover old and new.

Shoppers come from all over the Southern and Central Coast of California and beyond to find unique gifts for all types of people, for the perfect notecard for any occasion, for the selection of curios and oddities on display, and countless other reasons. Copperfield’s imports toys, fine papers, social stationery, journals, and more, in addition to the local products and vintage and antique items for sale. If for nothing else, any visitor to Downtown Ventura must stop in for the unique browsing experience Copperfield’s presents.

Address 242 E Main St
Ventura, CA 93001


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