Ventura’s Gratitude Wall

Write on Our Gratitude Wall


Kind words. Thoughtful words. Honest words. Words written from the heart.

Your words.

They matter.

Which is why we are starting this Gratitude Wall. Here in Ventura, so many people are doing so many brave, selfless things. Doctors and nurses stretched beyond endurance. Grocery workers showing up, even though it’s safer to stay at home. Farm workers still bent to the fields. First responders still responding. Teachers now assembling at home lessons. A single mother of four working, schooling and caring from home. Then getting up and doing it again.

So many heroes out there.

Now, if you like, you can thank them. Write some words to a hero you know. Or a hero you don’t know. It doesn’t have to be fancy or long. A few grateful words can make a very big difference to a hero.

Because a hero is human. Just as any of us can be a hero.

So write your words. Or add your video or photo. Becoming part of the Gratitude is simple. Just add #StayVenturaStrong to your tweet or Instagram post, and we’ll take it from there. Not simple enough? Use the link below to add your message directly from this page.

And then, when this is past, our Wall will be something preserved forever. Something special for all of us.

A testament to how very special this town is…

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