The Sunny Skies of Ventura


Surfing has been in the blood of this coastal city since it was founded and is a signature part of my memories. The sand is in your blood when you’re from Ventura, and the waves are the metronome for your heartbeat. So, it’s no surprise that the coast didn’t much change, and the boards were still dotting the horizon. But, as my sister Rachel and I decided to take on this new adventure that was the new Ventura, we decided that the surf didn’t move fast enough. Instead, thanks to Southern California Jet Skis, we took high powered wave runners, which are conveniently available along the coast straight into the ocean, took off at top speed…and lived to tell the tale. The vehicle cut through the waves with reckless abandon and made every swell a roller coaster and every flat surface a drag strip. The day itself is the only thing that caught up with us, and we had to turn our rentals in far too soon.