Ten Best Day Hikes of California

One of the little known facts about California is that the best beach hike can’t be found on the mainland, but is present in the Channel Islands. The Channel Islands are a group of eight islands that are located off of the coast of California. Five of these eight islands make up Channel Islands National Park; and the best beach hike is located on Santa Cruz Island. In order to hike to Smugglers Cove, visitors will have to catch a boat from either Ventura or Oxnard. From the Scorpion Landing, the trail ascends along a grassy plateau that provides great views of the Pacific Ocean and the other islands, before winding down through a scenic olive grove to a stellar beach that reflects both the blue sky and the water and provides complete solitude. This hike is a moderate eight mile roundtrip hike that is guaranteed to make a person feel like they have traveled abroad, even though they have not left California. More>>