LIVING VENCARIOUSLY: Ventura culture through the eyes of the ones who make it

From strolling the beach to hiking the hills, and everything in between are a combination of reasons why our beach town is a hidden gem on the California Coast. But, we know it’s the people, the locals who create this culture that is unlike any other. That is why we need your help in creating the video, LIVING VENCARIOUSLY (Living Ventura Vicariously), an all-access backstage pass to Ventura culture through the eyes of the ones who make it.

It can be your dog running through the waves, diving at the Channel Islands, cheers-ing your friends at your favorite local brewery, those one of kind dance moves your friend showcased at Surf Rodeo this year, or the hike to your best kept secret view. Keep it simple or take us off the beaten path. The possibilities are endless and the more creative the better. We want to see the best of Ventura just the way you do.

Though we will be compiling numerous videos into one, the 5 most creative submissions will win a VENCARIOUS package that consists of Ventura yoga mat, beach towel, a trip to the Channel Islands and more!

shooting a Ventura sunset

We have very little time to collect video, so time is of the essence! You may upload as many videos as you wish, we only have a couple rules for you below:

If you can follow these rules submit your contact information and video


Pick up your iPhones, Androids, and drones!

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got. 🙂

Need inspiration? Check out Visit Ventura’s YouTube Channel!