Food & Drink

Ventura’s dining scene continues to thrive, thanks (in part) to incredible artisan chefs setting up eateries that showcase Ventura’s abundance of fresh locally caught seafood, organic fruits and produce, and eclectic fare. With wine country in our backyard, acres and acres of fresh crops grown locally, and multi-cultural influences, it’s no wonder Ventura’s dining scene continues to expand and cook up mouth-watering dishes.

Ventura is also home to a booming and ever-growing brewery scene (think San Diego, without the traffic). In Downtown Ventura, Anacapa Brewing Company was one of the first (now approaching their 20th year), brewing and serving beers crafted inside the restaurant. Now, more than a dozen breweries have taken up the call. And it’s not just about numbers. Some of Ventura’s beers have received global awards. But smart to taste for yourself.

Ventura is also home to award-winning wineries with spacious tasting rooms (so you can, again, taste for yourself). And distilleries that employ delicious, fresh, and organic local ingredients to create concoctions you should, well, taste. Ventura Spirits offers the sublimest mix of the wild and the cultivated.

And, if you’re something of a do-it-yourselfer, you won’t find better ingredients than the fare offered at Ventura’s farmers’ markets. They’re the perfect place for both visitors and locals to pick up fresh groceries directly from responsible family farmers. Those same markets provide the largesse that allows our local chefs to use incredible ingredients to create astonishing dishes. Ventura is home to two farmers’ markets, held on separate days (Wednesdays and Saturdays), providing twice the opportunity to eat healthy and tasty.

So come enjoy some of life’s simplest, yet finest, pleasures.