january, 2017

16janAll DayNew Media Gallery - Nathan Huff: Sadness, Sleep, and Sanctity


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Ventura CollegeJan 19, 2017 – Feb 16, 2017Sadness, Sleep, and SanctityNew work by Nathan HuffEXHIBITION STATEMENT:The dreamscape has long been a source of inspiration for artists. This exhibition envisions the tenuous state between dreaming and awake.In a US political season that has caused tremors in even the most ardent sleeper’s homes this installation explores the negotiation of grief felt in the midst of a culture inconflict. The personal bed often a welcome symbol of rest, and also an object ripe with interpretation for the psychotherapist sits in the middle of the gallery. As this central tableau of the domestic bedroom unravels into a variety of objects the sculpture slowlytransforms into symbolic airplanes, boats, and wild animals.As any insomniac or dreamer may tell you, the act of interpreting these intertwined situations teeter between observing the domestic mundane and a fantastical adventure of untangling threads of nostalgia and memory. These impractical even harebrained scenarios interrupt our normal reality and while they celebrate the intuitive and subconscious they also offer new awareness to the present moment.


All Day (Monday)


Ventura College

Ventura College Ventura, CA United States



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