California Club Giveaway


“The California Club at the Museum will be an exciting trip back to an era of Mid-century modernism,” says Eric Knight, the Development Director at the Museum of Ventura County. “We’re putting together an era-immersive experience with craft cocktails, live entertainment, 1950’s inspired cuisine, period costumed actors, and much more to kick off the Museum’s newest exhibit California Cool. All of this informs an extraordinary exhibit that reflects not only a unique era in architecture and design, but also brings home the relevance and importance of this era on the Central Coast.” Attendees are encouraged to dress in period-era attire.

California Cool: Mid-century Modernism on the Central Coast is on display September 21, 2019—February 23, 2020 at the Museum of Ventura County. “This exhibition examines an era in post-war Southern California when architecture, art, music and design merged to form a modern awareness based on living well,” says Anna Bermudez, Chief Curator. “Inspired by European immigrant artists and architects and up and coming American designers, the “cool” aesthetic flourished in the Los Angeles landscape and climate that extended into Ventura County and up through the Central Coast.” California Cool looks at Ventura County’s contribution to the era focusing on the landmark homes and buildings and the birth of the local company, Architectural Fiberglass in 1963, whose planters and benches graced many Ventura County shopping malls and commercial buildings. The Museum of Ventura County collaborated with guest curators Eric Huff, Jordan Downs and Steve Aldana for California Cool.

September 20, 2019 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm
$50 for Museum members, $65 for nonmembers. $75 at the door