3 Days in Ventura – Adventure Day

3 Days in Ventura – Adventure Day

Day 1: Downtown/Historical District

Day 2: Harbor Day

Day 3: The Channel Islands Wildlife Cruise & Coastal Biking Adventure  

7:30am – Start the day at Pete’s Breakfast House on upper main street for a classic, affordable breakfast. Featured on Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” in 2011, this breakfast joint is loved by visitors and locals alike.

9:30am/10am – Head over to Ventura Harbor to board an Island Packers Wildlife Viewing Cruise. At 3-3.5 hours and available all year, these cruises are a relaxed way to have a morning adventure. These trips will take you across the open water, where pods of dolphins are frequently sighted, along with sea lions, blue whales, and orcas. The cruise will circle Anacapa island, where you will see seals and sea lions, as well as the island’s famous arch rock.

2pm – For lunch, consider grabbing a healthy meal at Nature’s Grill on Main Street, or pick up the fixings for a beach-side packed meal at Paradise Pantry instead. If you’re planning ahead, Channel Island Provisioners provides healthy, restaurant-style lunches, delivered right to the dockside. They specialize in meals appropriate for the islands, including zero waste and locally sourced ingredients.

3pm – If needed, bikes for any age–including rear carriers for small children–can be rented at the Ventura Bike Depot, located on West Main Street, only a short ride from the trailhead to the Pacific Coast Bikeway.

4pm – 7pm – Bike or drive to Emma Wood State Beach, and finish off a day of adventure on the scenic Ventura Pacific Coast Bikeway, a paved path stretching twelve miles (twenty-four miles round-trip) between Ventura and Carpinteria in Santa Barbara County. Flat, paved, fenced, and without turns to get lost on, this is the ideal bike path for family members of different ages and abilities. Enjoy the picturesque ocean views on this classic path, making your ride as long or short as you wish. Enjoy the sunset over the Pacific ocean, a perfect time for last minute pictures or saying goodbye to the beautiful California coast.